Monday, June 29, 2020

100 Word Challenge

And then I saw it a email from Epic games saying that I had purchased 10,000 V-bucks. They charged my credit card $140. I walked straight out of the lounge and headed straight to my sons room he was sitting down at his desk very suspicious. I looked at how many V-bucks my son had 10,000 V-bucks it read I didn't know what to do. Should I ban him from video games for a month or just let him have them. After thinking for hours I decided to let him have them they would be his birthday and christmas present.    

Sunday, June 14, 2020

100 Word Challenge

My friends and I were exploring the african jungle when suddenly we came across a elephant. The elephant was just standing there like it was stuck in time. It looked thousands of years old. Then suddenly the Elephant delivered his speech. "Who's there"? "Do not pass me or you will be cursed for life" Bellowed the elephant. My friends and I were speechless. We were so confused a talking elephant we couldn't believe what we had heard. But we wondered what the elephant was guarding. Careless of the consequences we walked right pass the elephant. Then fell down a hole. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

100 Word Challenge

I threw the stick to my dog but the wind blew it straight into the river. My dog was staring down into the river at the stick. It was like he was stuck in time, then suddenly he dived headfirst into the ice cold river. In no time he had the stick and was swimming to the edge he jumped out with the sick in his mouth and returned it to me like nothing had happened. I felt his fur it was like touching ice. I quickly put a soft warm towel around that I had brought just in case.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Usually when we are writing a story or a blog we think is alright  to use any image of google. But no! Even though its of google things can be copyright.
Copyright is a form of property right. It gives the person who creates an original work exclusive rights to copy, publish, publicly perform, transmit and adapt their material. If you violate any of the copyright rights you could be finned up to $150,000 or go to jail!
But don’t worry there are many ways to avoid using copyright images. You can use google’s advanced image search, royalty free images or make your own! The image below is a non-copyright photo from royalty free images. 
I hope now that you’ve read this you will understand what copyright is and how to get images without copyright!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My Character

                                                                     My Character

This is my character. The background and my hoodie is blue because blue is my favourite colour.

Monday, February 24, 2020

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Family, I love spending time with family.

2. Food, It's just great! My favourite food is ramen or cold soba.

3. Water, Water makes me happy because it keeps me alive. It's also very refreshing.

4. Internet, the internet makes me happy because I can play/talk with my friends and contact my family. I can also learn a lot of things on the internet.

5. Lake/Sea, I love to go to the lake with my family jumping off the pontoon getting pulled on a donut behind our friends jetski. The sea is just as fun weather your playing on the sand or boogie boarding in the waves it is fun!

6. Airplanes, airplanes are great they can take you anywhere around the world to explore new things.

7. Snow/Sun, snow is great my favourite thing to do in winter is to go skiing with my family and of course we can't do that without snow. The sun in summer there's nothing nicer than having an ice block and jumping in the lake!

8. Sports, any sports are fun and exciting but my favourites are soccer,skiing and squash.

9. Dunedin/Wanaka, I love being in dunedin going to all the shops and the beach. It also reminds me of living there. Wanaka has always been our family's holiday place weather its spending time at the lake in the summer or skiing in the winter.

10. Japan, Traveling to japan is amazing I have been there twice its so fun learning about the history and actinet temples. But there are also futuristic amazing things plus theme parks like disneyland. Its also got amazing snow which we skieed on not long ago. It is also fun seeing my mum and dads friends since thry used to live there. I hope that we go back!